The Hunt for Ancient Paris

Ancient Paris

From ancient tribes to Roman conquerors, several groups contributed to laying the foundations for the city that Paris is today. This Paris City Hunt will offer you a glimpse of what Paris was like hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years ago. Can you find the ancient ruins hidden (often in plain sight) throughout the 4th and 5th districts of Paris?

Long before Paris was the city we know today, it was the site of the ancient city of Lutetia (Lutèce in French). The name Paris comes from Parisii, which was a Celtic Iron Age tribe. The Parisii inhabited the area along the banks of the Seine from the 3rd century B.C. until the Roman era. After conquering the Paris Basin in 52 B.C., the Romans extended the city and added baths, temples and an amphitheater.

During this hunt, you'll discover:

  • An ancient Roman arena half-hidden on a busy street among shops and restaurants
  • Vestiges of the protective wall that once surrounded Paris
  • Two places that exhibit Paris artifacts dating from the 3rd centry
  • Point Zero, which marks the official center of the city of Paris
  • The story of the woman who was believed to have saved the city from an attack by Attila and his army of Huns

Most of all, you'll uncover the relics of the city's ancient history that are easily overlooked.


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