A Unique Way to Discover Paris

Our Concept


The only way to improve your French is to practice, but learning French shouldn't be a chore. By focusing on communicating through games and fun activities, Talk in Action offers an alternative to traditional language learning methods. 

Complete language immersion can sometimes be overwhelming for language learners. The stakes are high when you can't understand a customer service representative on the phone and standing in line at the grocery store isn't the best time to realize you don't know the French word for conditioner.

At Talk in Action, we help you improve your French without the stress. Our fun activities and interactive tours increase learner engagement and promote confidence and ease in oral expression. Our goal is to help you improve your French  while having fun, discovering Paris and meeting new people.

Our Activities: 

  • Last two hours on average
  • Combine mini French lessons (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) with fun activities and interactive tours 
  • Are limited to small groups so that everyone can participate
  • Allow you to improve your oral expression and comprehension with our native French-speaking activity leaders

Why Choose Talk in Action?

Regular activities

Practice French regularly in a variety of contexts.


French immersion doesn't have to be expensive.

A fun approach

Have fun while learning. Improve your French through games.