Paris In Action

Discover the hidden side of Paris

Want to see what Paris has to offer besides the typical tourist spots? At Paris in Action, we organize original treasure hunts throughout Paris that highlight the city's interesting locations, fun stories and quirky anecdotes. From hidden passages to long forgotten locales, our hunts will take you on an off-the-beaten-path adventure in the heart of Paris.  

Current Activities Explore Paris while completing fun challenges!

The Watchmaker's Treasure
A forgotten palace, a famous thief and an international rivalry! Learn the interesting stories behind an iconic Parisian neighborhood.
Mysteries of the Marais
What do Victor Hugo, a cannonball and a door that leads to nowhere have in common? See the hidden side of one of the oldest neighborhoods in Paris.
Dark Side of Paris
Solve clues as you discover the darker side of Paris: stories of murder and revenge, seemingly supernatural occurrences and spooky events.