Romantic Paris

From its romantic architecture to its strong cultural heritage, Paris has cemented its place as an internationally-recognized city of love. But what of the real people and stories that contributed to giving Paris its reputation. In this city hunt, you will explore several real-life romances and love stories in Paris history. Careful though. Real life love in Paris is rarely as idyllic as popular culture would have us believe.

As you explore, you’ll discover a pair of lovers who went years without seeing each other, another who refused to be limited to just each other and many more who went against conventional notions of love and romance.

During this hunt, you'll learn:

  • The story of famous duo who are often remembered as much for their polyamorous lifestyle as for their contributions to Existentialism
  • Where to go for a romantic picnic
  • The truth story behind an iconic Paris photo
  • The tragic tale of a real-life Romeo and Juliette in Paris
  • How love and passion in Paris has influenced politics, literature, scientific thought and architecture

But most of all, you’ll learn some of the iconic love stories that have shaped the great city of Paris.


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